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Birthdate:Dec 25
N I H O N (J A P A N)

Name: Japan
Human Name: Honda Kiku (Eastern Order)
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia (webcomic)
Age: ??? (appears in his 30s)
Gender: Male

Height: 5'4 (165cm)
Weight: Slim
Wing Color: Cherry Blossom Pink #FFEEFF

Housing: Community Building #2, Room #5
Pets: Pochi, a small, light-brown, fluffy dog
Notes: Japan is the personification of a country and so he should ping any supernatural senses. He usually dresses in kimono or fashionable clothes when outdoors and is accompanied by his dog, Pochi-kun. Indoors, he is usually wearing a red tracksuit.

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mun @ kaze | game @ luceti

Interests (21):

anime, being japanese, bushido, fearing ivan, history, japan, japanese culture, manga, manners, otakudom, photography, sakoku, samurai, technology, tradition, united nations, video games, world culture, world meetings, yamatodamashii, 空気を読むこと
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